Everyday I’m a rainbow emotion cards

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Designed by an mum of a neurodiverse family these Every Day I’m a Rainbow Cards © are an amazing heartfelt and expressive emotional literacy tool to help children & families understand the psychology and biology behind their emotions.

These high quality, thoughtfully illustrated cards feature 34 x illustrations (and explanations) of emotions, self-regulation suggestions and a child-friendly guide of the limbic system.

Each pack contains:

34 x DURABLE, gloss laminated cards with rounded corners (card size: 105 X148mm) contained in a cotton, drawstring bag.

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How the cards can help you and your child:

  • The emotion cards are illustrated to be instantly relatable, helping children to become familiar with facial expressions attached to each emotion.
  • Each card has a simple, yet comprehensive commentary on the back to unpack the physical and emotional responses we have to each emotion.
  • The cards help children and adults connect emotional experiences to their day, in a fun and organic way!
  • They encourage communication by engaging your child visually, opening up ways to express their emotions when verbal communication is difficult.
  • They can be used in multiple ways depending on the mood, age of the child and setting.
  • They offer strategies and solutions to help children sellf-regulate in easy to apply, every day situations.
  • The characters are relatable and appealing, and also gender neutral.
  • They are approved and applauded by teachers, parents, psychologists, psychotherapists around the world as a tool EVERY home should have!



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