Silicone Food Dividers


“You gotta keep ‘em separated.”

Ok, The Offspring were probably not singing about peas and corn, however for some people, foods touching one another can trigger real anxiety. The fear of foods touching—officially known as brumotactillophobia comes in varying levels of severity and is believed to be a mild form of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

This is not a common disorder and in most cases kids who do not like foods touching are picky eaters. During this stage, silicone food plate dividers are a great household item.

They are great for non-picky eaters too. The food divider sides make it easier for kids to learn to scoop their food. A study a few years ago found that divided plates actually lead to INCREASED fruit & veggie consumption in pre-schoolers- which is pretty cool. (1)

They are also great to help parents “visualise” balance when creating meals.

We have 2 colours and a few options to pick from.

Now any plate can be a divided plate: These silicone food separators are great for keeping food apart or to use as a wall to help scoop food. They are useful for kids, elderly, neurodiverse people, or those focused on portion control.

Use the Wall to scoop food: Perfect for young children when learning how to use a fork and spoon as they can push their food against the edge of the divider, or elderly who need a bit of extra help with their motor skills.

Use on your existing plates: No need for additional space taking toddler divider plates anymore, these can be used with any smooth flat plate. Wet them for even better suction, can even use them directly onto a high chair.

2 designs and colour options: These durable BPA free, food safe silicone, plate dividers come in two options. Single 3 section divider, or the semi-circle single or double  in green or orange.

NOTE: these silicone food dividers only work on perfectly smooth flat plates, so if your plate has grooves, or curves up where you plan to put the divider they will not be able to form a perfect seal for the suction to work. 

Due to the light and screen difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.


  1. Emily M. Melnick, M. P. H. (2018, October 1). Association of plate design with consumption of fruits and vegetables among preschool children. JAMA Pediatrics. Retrieved March 2, 2022, from

Additional information

Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 1 cm

3 Section "Y": Green, 3 Section "Y": Orange, Single semi circle:Green, Single semi circle:Oragne, Double semi circle: Green, Double semi circle:Orange


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