Many people live with sensory processing difficulties.  Overwhelming and frustrating, this condition can lead to withdrawal, anxiety and fatigue.  Things that we definitely don’t want our little loves to have to suffer through.  Or anyone for that matter, right?

By soothing the senses and regulating the nervous system, calm can be restored and the nervous system regulated. YAY … that’s where we want our kiddos to be.

Intentional fidgeting with tactile and engaging toys can be the difference between a child feeling safe or in danger, calm or stressed and engaged or withdrawn.

Nat’s Nest collection of sensory and therapy products has been carefully selected to spark imagination, improve focus, manage daily tasks, support therapy at home, and encourage emotional regulation.  Our tools are all based on the cornerstone principle that we follow – that everyone deserves to thrive.

Implementing therapy and sensory tools into a routine helps instil a growth mindset and give children the confidence and coping skills they need for a happy and healthy life.

Having spent countless therapy hours attending speech, play, behavioural, music and occupational therapy with my kids, we have come up with a few products for our sensory and therapy range which we hope will help many families.


Here are our top sensroy and therapy products,

tested and approved by Nat’s Nest little nesters

Speech kits

Sand Timer Set – 3 Piece 5,15 & 30 mins

Silicone food dividers

Checklist boards

Emotionology cards

 Speech Therapy sound kits

Just starting out with speech therapy? Are you confused about your sessions? Why you are paying someone to play with your child and more importantly wondering what you can do at home? I know I was when my little one started speech therapy .

This product was developed after noticing many parents in the Speech and Language Delay Australia (Parents) Facebook Group like myself, were getting stuck on what to do at home to improve their child’s speech and how to work on certain speech sounds.

These kits come with fun products/activities for your child to work on the first initial speech sounds. They are packed with information I wish I knew when I started my child’s speech therapy journey.

Checklist boards

My neuro-diverse daughter struggled most morning with remember her daily routine. Well to be completely honest she didn’t struggle, I DID!! The constant nagging for her to brush her teeth, get changed, put on sunscreen was exhausting. She would forget what she needed to do, got distracted, or did other things.

I would get angry and lose it. I decided there needed to be an easy way, and knew she needed something visual. I looked into checklist boards. I wanted something simple, easy to use, and most important portable.

These really help us with the mornings.  She knows she need to complete the list and then is she does she is rewarded with some free time.

It really has made a difference here.

They are perfect for kids as : Visual supports can help establish a routine.  Kids with ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, and other special needs will find it comforting to know exactly what’s coming next. Visual schedules can also be used to teach a new skill by breaking it down into smaller steps and helping your child stay focused all the way through the task while they learn the right way to do it.

DIY Calm down bottles.

DIY Sensory bottles can be a useful calming tool for anxious children with sensory needs and sensitivities, and kids that need help with self-regulation skills.

There is something soothing about watching the glitter and toys move around in these bottles. They are a great wat to keep kids entertained and hopefully, better still calm during meltdowns. 

They are so easy to customise for any season, holiday, or favourite theme your child loves. 

Older children can begin to examine the inner workings of the sensory bottle in order to learn basic science principles, while babies and toddlers can investigate small items that are not yet safe for them to touch.

These DIY calm down bottles provide a way for children and adults of all ages to engage in portable no mess “safe” sensory play.