Double sided felt letter board


A felt board makes a great addition to any house. And what’s better than a standard felt board?

A double sided felt board. Black on one side grey on the other makes them perfect for any decor.

Prefect to add a creative and unique touch to baby photoshoots, birth, pregnancy announcements, nursery décor, tell the kids what’s for dinner, inspiring messages, quotes, milestones, hashtags, Instagram, Facebook, Christmas or birthday party messages. As well as used as a display board, menu board in kitchens, restaurants and cafes. The possibilities are endless. For younger kids why not use the letters to play recognition games to help kids learn letters in a fun way.

Our boards come with a flat base block stand which makes the board stand up at 90 degrees for better photos and you don’t have to deal with wonky tripod stands that keep falling over.

Bonus Storage case: Put a price on your time sanity. From our experience no good will come in getting a board with nowhere to store your letters, or a pouch the letters get mixed up in. For that reason we have also added a plastic storage container our sets so you can easily store your letters. Trust us, after spending many frustrating minutes looking for letters in the past this really is worth the higher price of our complete letter board set.

Our double sided felt boards are 25cm x 25cm and comes with 174 letters 62 numbers, 332 symbols all white. The boards are Available in three colours, rustic grey, dark brown, and rustic white wash.

These boards really can provide hours of fun: Disclaimer when I say hours of fun please bear in mind the letters are not pre cut and need to be separated first use.

We have you covered with the storage containers for the letters to make ongoing use of the board every other time the fun I mentioned. I have no idea how annoying these boards would be without a storage container for the letters. Our also comes with the standard pouch handy for the symbols and emoji’s.

Great Gift Idea!

To go with your letter board we also sell Christmas letters on their own. This extra item is perfect for those who want to use their felt board to decorate during the festive season.

Our Christmas letters on their own: Comes with 2 sheets 924x24cm)of Christmas words and symbols one green and one red sheet of plastic letters.

Perfect to use with your rustic felt board during the holidays.

Note: To save trees our boards are made with MDF part wood and recycled materials. However cleverly designed for a real wood look.

Warning: Chocking hazard, small parts not suitable for children under 3

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Rustic felt board set, Whitewash felt board set, Dark brown felt board set, Christmas letters only


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