Warning this blog shows the emotional breaking point of one Victorian mum, already dealing with the challenges of corona virus and stage 4 lock down.

Over the weekend Woolworths has announced the next Ooshie range. As a Victorian mum home schooling, my first thought was woohoo because my oldest is not at school or going to the shops, she will never know about them. I can avoid the Ooshie fever this year.

I admit I got a little carried away in the past with the Lion King Ooshies, it was like my competitive side kicked in and it was my goal as well as hers to get the completed set. I recall standing at an in store swap wondering what my life has become and when did I become that type of mum. Thinking my teenage self would be so disappointed in me right now. I even swapped some via marketplace.

Therefore, when reading about the new Ooshies, I was thinking I can use Covid shut down to get out of it this year and avoid Ooshie fever completely. Until I saw the characters included Elsa, Woody, Captain Marvel and the Mandalorian. Mum guilt kicked in as my daughter loves Elsa.

DAMN YOU SNEAKY WOOLIES!!! You covered almost every child’s favourite characters and even added star wars for the big kids. There are nine Ooshies from each of the four Disney+ universes (Marvel, Star Wars, Disney and Pixar). If my home schooling hours have taught me anything that’s a total of 36. That’s right thirty friggen six to try and collect.Just as I want to hate you and get on the “well its bad for the environment” train I find out I can drop my preloved Ooshies in store through TerraCycle, which will be turned into plastic pellets to help create products such as garden beds, decks and fences. Easier said than done as it will result in tears, however it’s a great concept.

The folks at Woolies have tried to think of everything, even spinning it for those stuck at home they are doing us a favour by releasing the range.

“As families spend more time at home, it’s never been more important to keep them occupied with their favourite Disney+ programs and characters” Woolworths chief marketing officer Andrew Hicks has said.

“We’re thrilled to offer a new level of excitement to customers with some of the most iconic characters in the Disney+ universe,” he said.

“It’s been a difficult year as Australians navigate the challenges of the pandemic, so our goal by partnering with Disney once again is to bring more magic, surprise and delight to our customers.”

Smooth Woolies….Build us up, get us excited then smash us down.

Here comes the slap in the face for some Victorians already dealing with the difficulty of home schooling and wearing masks.

Disney+ Ooshies will be available from August 26 in Woolworths supermarkets across most of Australia, except Victoria.

WTF !!!!!! YOU B#%&@DS!

“We know some customers in Victoria will be disappointed by the delayed roll out, but the safety and wellbeing of our customers, team members, and community remains our number one priority,” Mr Hicks said.

My crazy Ooshie mum side thinks “Dissa-friggen- pointed! No kidding Mr Hicks.” But great work keeping Victorians safe. You really don’t need to encourage the Ooshies nutters to hit the shops to get their cases. I guess that’s why you’re the chief marketing officer.

“Once restrictions ease and we can safely roll out the program, we look forward to sharing the Disney magic with our Victorian customers.”

OMG! I have so many questions… “What if restrictions never ease? What if all the other states get the all the Ooshies and there are non-left for Victoria.”

How did I go from being excited I can skip the Ooshie crazy this year to being upset I have to wait for it?

Why the heck am I having an imaginary blog conversation with myself and Mr Hicks?

Clearly with all the Covid stress something had to finally make me snap.

Sadly, I think this new Ooshie announcement is what will push this Victorian mum over the edge.