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In curating our visual timer collection here at Nat’s Nest our primary goal is to help EVERYONE thrive.  By introducing visual timers, you are fostering autonomy and reducing stress for everyone … win win right?

COUNTDOWN TIMERS HAVE MANY PRACTICAL USES: They can improve time management, increase productivity with daily tasks and help those who are too young to fully understand the concept of time. They are the perfect tool to help children understand the passing of time visually. Visual timers are great for managing playtime, bedtime routines, setting timeouts, assist in the countdown to transition to a new task and many more things.

Nat’s Nest understands not everyone is the same, that’s why we have a range of different timers to suit your families individual needs.

We have a large (and loud ticking ) visual timer to small (and silent) in a range of colours. For younger kids our sand timer sets are also a fun option.

These are the perfect visual timer for kids:

‘Time blindness’ is a reality. Being oblivious to the constraints of time can cause frustration, anxiety and overwhelm, Not just for those experiencing it, but also for their educators, parents and carers. The stress is real and something we’d love to help you with. We've been there.

These countdown clocks can help those with special needs. As the time elapses, the bright red disc disappears. The visual design aspect of this timer helps ease transitions and encourages independence and increased productivity for people of all abilities.

Please take the time to read the different between our two options to find the timer which best suits your needs:


The large size makes this timer prefect for teachers, in special or early education or those using it during therapy sessions.

3 MULTIPLE PLACEMENT OPTIONS: 1) Our large timers features two powerful magnetic backing panels making it ideal to place on refrigerators, whiteboards, and more! 2) The two foldable legs on the bottom can open up for placement on flat surfaces like desks and countertops. 3) These timers are also easily wall mounted.

EASY TO USE – Simply turn the control knob clockwise to expand the bright red disk—making it easy to watch the time count down visually. Note: You MUST activate the timer before each use by turning the control knob clockwise past the 55-minute position, then turn it counter clockwise to the desired time.

NO BATTERIES REQUIRED- These premium mechanical countdown is completely mechanical—no batteries needed! Please note this timer has a loud mechanical ticking sound when in use. For this reason it is not suitable for ticking sound sensitive users. Please take a look at our range for silent options.

Approximately 19cmx19cm large face.


SMALL COMPACT SIZE: These timers are small and lightweight perfect for those who might need to take their visual timer from room to room or different locations.

EASY TO USE – Simply turn the control knob clockwise to expand the bright red disk, making it easy to watch the time count down visually. Volume and duration of the alarm are both adjustable: 3 seconds or 60 seconds for alert duration, low or loud for alert volume.

2xAAA BATTERIES REQUIRED (not included): Quite Operation. This timer does not audibly tick, allowing you to focus on your tasks. Approximately 8cm x8cm face.

Comes in 4 colours, red, black, blue & green please double check your colour choice when placing order.

Warning :

CHOKING HAZARD -Small parts. Not for children under 3 years old.

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Large Black, Small Black, Small Blue, Small Green, Small Red

2 reviews for 60 minute visual timer

  1. Evelyn

    I was extremely satisfied with the customer service I received from Nat when there was an issue with my first order.
    I bought the smaller timer and it has been life-changing to help me keep track of time spent on my daily activities (e.g. brushing my teeth, chores, etc.). I would definitely recommend others to purchase from this small business.

    P.S. Thanks for the gummies 🙂

  2. Zac

    I bought one of these for myself to help deal with my ADHD as to better gauge the passing of time. But was also looking for a timer that wouldn’t make a constant ticking that could add to overstimulation.

    I went for the small sized timer seeing as that would allow me to move it around from task to task while also not producing a constant tick when in use vs it’s larger counterpart. So far it hasn’t disappointed and does exactly what it says on the tin. Also given it’s size I wasn’t expecting the material quality to be anything to write home about but I was pleasantly surprised! Granted it’s only plastic but it’s not about to explode should I clumsily fumble it any time soon ^^

    As a nice added bonus they also included a little bag of gummy worms and a small 2 min hourglass timer for keeping track of how long to brush your teeth for. I thought it was a sweet gesture that was worth a little mention here.

    Thank you for that and your quality timer! ^w^

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